A Pebble

A multi-coloured, knobbly pebble,
White and black, brown and grey, gnarled and smooth,
Will drive your cares away:
Cares without number, legion of demons,
Not to be kept as a heavy burden,
But to be laid down in a garden or on the path you travel,
To be laid down, as God so wills it be:
To be a sign – unseen, unknown, unrecognisable,
Except by you, and God,
On the journey you make towards Him,
Guided by Him; and then, once shed, you are relieved of sin,
Relieved too of fear; by casting to one side,
For love of Him our Lord, the doubts
The questions and all the cares you hide.

So, place the pebble of your ignoble selves
At the foot of that, so noble, cross.
See, while unseeing on your own,
Yet being shown the way, the goal. 
Clarity so sudden amidst the unseeingness!
That pebble is what blinds,
It isolates the castaway on an island of self.
That pebble cast away, makes free: to see, to know
Our God, who truly, truly understands.

Kyrie eleison. Lord have pity on us.

Pleshey Retreat, 16th August 2014