Miraculous World


The world is full of miracles:

The day’s blue skies with scudding clouds

Conceal night’s myriads of stars;

We know that but we cannot see, by daylight,

Lights beyond sunlight; though there they be.

Galaxies by night – her darkness – are revealed.

What strange mysteries the human mind

Can only wonder at!


Recovering from a hefty fall,

The cut or graze that bleeds dark red

(That unseen liquid beneath the skin)

Congeals to heal, to give the body time

To grow from nowhere, so it seems,

New coverings for injuries,

Like human minds from sacrifice.


Raindrops fall on yellow grass,

That seems quite dead, but regrows green

Within a day; to live again

Through drops of rain. The drops catch light

In random bubbles, breaking light,

Reflecting rays, scattering white and rainbow colours

On my window pane. Look at them!

A close-up of the Milky Way. Then, look again,

Beyond the glittering pane of glass, and see

The colours of the universe:

Yellow and orange begonias shining wet,

Blues of agapanthus, evening primrose blooms,

Petunias white and purple in tumbling cascades,

Bright, round, shining, silver pennies of honesty,

All, all shining midst the greens, green of maple,

Green of bay, apple and plum, dogwood and roses,

And the grasses, growing green again,

Twinkling like stars, sprinkled with rain.


The world God made is filled with miracles:

The robin trills his joyful notes, the collared dove

Coo-roo-coo-roos her song of peace, God-given

Songs of universal love. We are as rain

That gently falls from heaven, each drop of rain

Sealed on a speck of dust. Nations learn the roles

Of Martha and of Mary. The Lord our God is healing all of us.

20th August 2020