Evacuee in Kent

The chalk road, rough with flints, shone white.
The sunlight sparkled dewfall’s diamond lights
Dropped silently from grassy spikes and leaves so green.
The hillside flowed its golden green, wheat kernelled stream
Beneath the skies, wide winged, breathing their soft warm breaths
Upon my cheeks. In pondering wonder I gazed
As love caressed the swaying fields, danced,
Ripples of fingers touching, moving across in mystery –
An unsung melody murmured its quiet whispers seeking
A white and green-gold way to my infant soul, the child within.

Strange. Deeply felt. Never to be forgotten –
That first remembered sense of things unseen; living beyond
The human eye. The Holy Spirit in all her beauty called to me
When I was seven, to give to me a glimpse of heaven.

4th September 2018