In Ireland I searched for the rainbow

In Ireland I searched for the rainbow

When the sun shone across driving rain

But there was none. Yet here in England,

Alighted from the plane, emerging from the covered

Walkways into the fresh air, there, there, straight ahead

Were two maidens of Iris in iridescent raiment



On the coach from Stansted to Rayleigh,

The vastness of the bowl of Essex skies

Was clothed in splendour, a cloak, a coverlet of blue-grey

Velvet, gauzed and lace-bedecked In pink over a glorious gown

Of orange, red and gold, spreading God’s train of light

Across the evening twilight; a truly

Loving welcome home after the ten minutes wait –

Enough time to buy a drink, much needed to slake a thirst

For love, and home. Four minutes only till the train

To Wickford came, to go criss-crossing enormous

Kisses upon the county’s smooth skinned face. Over the bridge to

The Southminster train, a little out of breath; another

Pause of some five minutes and onwards through

The night glimpsing the western iceberg-blue light

Behind the silhouettes of trees and fields. Then,

Walking home, trolley clicking regularly over

The paviours, alarming a dog, to stop for a moment

Gazing at the millions and billions and trillions of full moons

Reflected in each small rippling wavelet of our River Crouch. The

Moonlit sky, the peace of coming home-

The welcome of his love; and union. The house

Is different now from in those mourning years

Within its tranquil harmony calm forbearance resides.