In Search of a Definition of Presence

There is a mystery, an elusiveness
To the presence of Jesus Christ:
Like knowing that someone loves you
Though it’s never said in so many words.
It’s like knowing the insurance premium
Has been paid and that thought protects
Your peace of mind. Like sharing laughter with a friend
Who understands.
There is a strange quality to sunlight
When God is walking with you, and you know it.
The light shines differently
With a softer, more significant intensity,
(Or is it intentness, or attentiveness?)
Like the starlight of the solitary
Star in the morning sky, the light is radiant.
Like the charisma that enters the room
Encompassed in the one you love.
Like the shawl a mother wraps
About her child, like the straightening
Of your collar by one who loves you.
There is a suddenness to the Spirit
When His Holiness enters your soul,
Invisible yet perceptible,
Like the warmth of the house
When you open the front door,
Like the harmony hidden within a melody,
Like the vapour vanishing from a candle’s wick,
Like the soundless watch of a neighbour’s cat
Through the window pane. Like the opening of a flower,
The scent of the rain…

Spring 2019