The Abyss

Black chasm, precipices sheer.
Rocks and boulders ricochet
Off cliffs, fall, in slow motion
Through the turbulent, smoke-filled air.

Jagged pinnacles and scabrous crags
Point to a stormy sky whose leaden mass
Surrounds a vortex of eastern light.

In murky gloom flames lap the imprisoned space
From edge to edge gossamer threads
Glister with dew drops, cat’s cradle of cobwebs.
And fairies balance thereon … stiffly

Some with fear; some with nonchalant ease, dance
Others, with infinite care,
Ignoring helping hands, look to the light,
Think of turning back, but, stubbornly,
Hopefully, arms stretched out, in garments
Shimmering green and sparkling white
Tiptoe on or
Fall, and crawl their way up, out of there.