The Doctor’s Pond at Dunmow

Thoughts while on Retreat

The thinness of the veil here, is fine indeed,
A silken veil of shimmering light, happiness of sight,
A stillness of thought, a filigree of birdsong
Too delicate and frail to touch; a bubble,
One wishes not to destroy: this sense of quiet joy,
Of knowing there’s heaven beyond the veil, and here.

So, some years ago, on a sunlit day
Here did we sit in perfect harmony,
A harmony of beingness, of being one, of being
In love. Love was our being.

And now I stand alone beneath the branches of an oak
Listening to the blackbird’s song, watching
The ducks and geese and other small birds
Feed and preen and follow one another,
And peck the grass and have their being.

The quality of that being is the important thing.
Their beingness of feather and quack, of squawk
And beak, polishing their breasts, oiling
Their dark blue iridescent wings, standing
On one leg, beside the rippling waters that reflect
Light and darkness in the wakes of swimming birds:
Their mystery of life within, their trill and chirp,
Provoke delight and awe, charm, make the soul sing.

The mysteries of beings, the love of life, its beingness,
That’s the spirit of God within, which makes
The quality of all things. Amidst the sunshine
And the showers, within the centres of all things, God’s
Light shines showing the holiness of His being;
All things created. Creation and its King.

God’s voice I hear,
God’s purposes come near,
God’s love is all around us, and within.

13th–17th May 2014