The Open Gate

The gate in the wall is usually shut.
Beneath horse chestnut trees steps lead
From green tranquillity of Pleshey’s House of Retreat
To her neighbour the church’s cemetery,
That is, from one to another sanctuary,
But on this day it stands aside
Letting Spring sunlight glide
Into surprised sight. Nothing impedes
The view of grass, green unseen,
But now ablaze with yellow light.

The open gate invites you in
To cross the new-lit lawn and seek the door
That lies within – and without:
The House of Christ within each one,
The Christ of Love within us all,
The Christ of everywhere without.

As when the sun bursts from a cloud
God switches on a thunderous light.
An inner flower unfolds mysteriously.
New golden splendours to reveal
Out of the silence: God concealed speaks.
The small flame flickers bright within
Sometimes spreads more light without.
Lord. Keep open the golden gate,
Let us see and know your new lifelight.
Lord, keep open the gate.

April 2020